The Purpose Directed Business

An insider’s look into the values, strategies, and 15 profitability keys of small business success.

“You can live out your God-given purpose through your business. This book will show you how.”

Directed by Purpose

We live in a world that easily separates business from the heart. Your beliefs and principles are important to you, but you shouldn’t have to lay them aside to succeed in the workplace.

The Purpose Directed Business is a must-read for those of you who long to find true meaning in your work. Kim Hanson and Dr. Ken Gibson share practical insights and wisdom to integrate business and core values. Inside, you will discover principles that will turn your success into a matter of identity and your profitability into true reward.

“The Purpose Directed Business covers so many critical elements to small business success. It incorporates a valuable blend of actionable tips as well as concepts to help with mindset around how to be successful. This book is evidence that the leadership team at LearningRx cares deeply about the success of their franchisees in the system.”
— Angela Coté, Founder of AC Inc. and former 18-Year multi-unit franchisee

Dr. Ken Gibson, Author

Dr. Ken Gibson is a passionate education pioneer and the Founder of LearningRx, Inc. “#1 Ranked Child Enrichment Franchise” –Entrepreneur Magazine.

Dr. Gibson devoted himself to the development of systems that can effectively measure and train cognitive learning and reading skills. Under his vision and leadership, over half a dozen practical new applications for cognitive skills testing and training have been developed and are in use across the country today.

Kim Hanson, Co-Author

Kim Hanson is the Chief Executive Officer of LearningRx. She began her leadership role with the organization in 2004 as Executive Vice President and was named CEO in 2017.

Her career passion is to help professionals, educators, and parents learn more about cognitive skills training and the dramatic results it can have on real-life performance.

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“I have had the pleasure of working with Kim and the LearningRx team for over fifteen years and see the commitment they have to the people in their organization. Legacy is about how we impact people while we are here on Earth. To love what we do, along with who we do it with and for, is something special. I love the stories and lessons shared here for ALL business owners on how to build strong businesses focused on the people and profitability.”
— Michelle Rowan, President & COO of Franchise Business Review

“This is a great book with real life examples of how to create a meaningful life. I appreciate the heartfelt stories that are real and authentic, sharing genuine ideas of purpose and faith. I appreciate the focus on values, strategies and profitability which always makes a difference in business. Great to see the connections and practical advice for everyone. Thanks for sharing.”
— John Francis, AKA Johnny Franchise, based in Minneapolis

“I’ve read many books that are heavy on theory and low on practical ‘how to’s’. This book, however, is a great blend of both. It’s simply a record of how I’ve seen Ken and Kim live out their purpose for over 20 years. It’s full of practical suggestions for weaving your deepest convictions into the fiber of your business, without compromise, by applying those principles daily as you set priorities and make decisions. This book will help and challenge any person who wishes to create a profitable business that also blesses others and reflects important core values. You can live out your God-given purpose through your business. This book will show you how.”
Dean Tenpas, President, LearningRx

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